Eco-Point is now a Climate Neutral Business!

Within the framework of corporate social responsibility, Eco-Point has entered into an agreement with the Climate Neutral Group that will compensate for the CO2 emissions that are unavoidably caused by our activities (energy consumption, car use) as from the year 2006. The Climate Neutral Group will do so by financing energy projects avoiding CO2 emissions, as well as investing in forestry projects aimed at the reduction of CO2 levels, both to the extent that Eco-Point’s contributes to CO2 emissions.

It is therefore with pride that we will display the following logo:

The sustainable energy projects are carried out in developing countries and give the local population access to (sustainable) energy sources. The growing (sustainable) forests with which CO2 is compensated, are under supervision of the Foundation Face. Since 1990, this foundation has planted 55.000 hactares of forest in Uganda, Malaysia, Ecuador and other countries, with the objective to avoid the emerging greenhouse effect.

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