Automotive is concerned with everything that "moves by itself". The manufacuring, assembly, maintenance and trade in moving materials (cars, lorries, trains, subways, coaches, etc.), boats and airplanes. See the products

Chemical industry

Among others, the following activities are concerned: manufacturing and processing of crude, chemicals, plastics, rubber and the manufacturing en distribution of gas, water and electricity. See the products


This business unit provides solutions for organizations that operate in the field of construction, as well as producers of sand, grit, clay etc, the wood processing industry, furniture and interior building and the production and/or processing of glass, earthenware, cement and chalk. See the products


Our Food business unit focuses on the food processing industry, the production of beverages, the processing of tobacco, agriculture, fishing and catering. See the products


This business unit deals with all metal manufacturing and processing companies, as well as machine and equipment building, the manufacture and maintenance of electronic devices and precision instruments, both for regular and medical applications. See the products


This business unit provides products and solutions for B2B services of various kinds. Office and building cleaning companies are the most common example, but the provision of services includes much more than that. It also refers to rental, general wholesale, hotels, B&B, measuring and control, security, environmental services, garden services, etc. See the products


The business unit that targets the printing industry combines knowledge and experience in the field of paper and cardboard manufacturing, commercial printing and publishing, as well as the manufacturing and publishing of recorded media. See the products


Non-profit concerns all non-commercial companies and organisations, such as public and social services, schools, sports associations, healthcare, etc. See the products