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Powerful, biologically degradable industrial cleaner/degreaser with the addition of natural soda and solvent enhancers. more Alkaline

Biosol Green

Ecologically safe fully biodegradable industrial cleaner / degreaser based on a pure naturally occurring solvent. more Solvent

Biosol Special Green

Fast working industrial cleaner / degreaser based on a pure naturally occurring solvent for the removal of all kind of contaminations like greases and oils. more Solvent


Alkoholfreie, hautfreundliche, desinfizierende Handseife more Desinfectant

Duposolv Green

Fast working industrial cleaner / degreaser based on a pure naturally occurring solvent for the removal of all kind of contaminations like greases, oils, adhesives, resins and silicone sealants. more Solvent

Dynasol Green

A safe industrial cleaner/degreaser based on a purely natural solvent and low aromatic hydrocarbons. more Solvent

E.P. Bio-Power

Powerful biodegradable industrial de-greaser for the food processing industry, containing natural soda more Alkaline

E.P. Biozyme

E.P. BioZyme. Ecologically safe, natural biological maintenance agent for sewers, septic tanks and grease traps. For degrading both natural and mineral oils and greases. more Neutral

E.P. Clinox D

An economical product that brings the shine back to stainless steel and leaves the surface dirt and water repellent. more Other

E.P. Hyprox

E.P. Hyprox is a safe, concentrated, powerful biodegradable cleaner for removing atmospheric pollutions, fingerprints, nicotine film etc. from glass, synthetic materials and metal. more Neutral

E.P. Neutrax

Powerful, biodegradable, concentrated, neutral cleanser with extra dirt-dissolving power. more Neutral

E.P. Power NF

Powerful biodegradable industrial degreaser, containing natural soda more Alkaline

E.P. Power Plus D

Super natural cleaner/degreaser based on sugar tensides and soda, to which a solvent adjuvant has been added. more Alkaline

E.P. Proplex

A concentrated, water miscible de-greaser formulated from safe, biodegradable materials. It is designed for use in industrial washing machines and ultrasonic cleaners more Solvent

E.P. Scalex

Safe biodegradable descaler based on naturally occurring ingredients as lactic and citric acids. more Acid

E.P. Summer Screen Wash

... more Neutral

E.P. Ultran

Powerful cleansing concentrate for the food processing industry. more Alkaline

Eco-Press NF

Biodegradable cleanser for use in high pressure cleaners. more Alkaline


Professional absorption granule, developed to work safely and to contribute to a clean environment. The direct solution in case of leakage, spilling and calamities with fluids. more Overig


Safe, biodegradable stripper, developed as an alternative for strippers based on methylene chloride, pyrrolidones, methanol, caustic soda or highly inflammable products. more Solvent

Ecoatex Plus

Safe, biodegradable, viscous stripper, developed as an alternative for strippers based on methylene chloride, pyrrolidones, methanol, caustic soda or highly inflammable products. more Solvent

Ecolex NF

Extra powerful, biodegradable, water dilutable industrial cleaning concentrate containing natural soda, specially developed for removing various pigments and inks. more Alkaline


An user friendly and ecologically safe naturally pure hand cleaner. more Other

Ecometal FG

User friendly and ecologically safe viscous acid cleaner. For use in the food processing industry and for cleaning welds. more Acid

Ecosan EL

A powerful, biodegradable and ecologically safe sanitary cleaner. Improved in odour and colour! Certified for Ecolabel! more Acid

Ecosem FG

User friendly and ecologically safe cleaning concentrate. Specially developed for use in the food processing industry. more Acid

Ecotense Plus Lavendel

Extra powerful, biodegradable, industrial floor cleaner containing natural soda for scrub drying machines and manual use. more Alkaline


Powerful, biodegradable, water dilutable ink remover, perfectly effective for removing flex printing inks more Alkaline

Megaplus Citrus

A powerful, concentrated, fully biodegradable acid cleaner, (among others) based on lactic acid. more Acid

Meltasol Green D

Industrial cleanser, specially developed for external cleaning of adhesives equipment, based on natural solvents and fully biodegradable. more Solvent


All-in-one hard surface cleaning and disinfecting product for the food industry. Approval number for the Netherlands: 11497 N more Desinfectant

MultiNext 600

Safe, powerful cleaner for removing various hardened 2K polymers, coatings and resins based on substances including polyurethane, polysulphides, isocyanates or epoxies. more


Powerful cleaner for removing inks, paints, atmospheric deposits, oxidations and discolorations from hard surfaces. more Other

Multisol 210 D

Safe, powerful, cleanser for the removal of various adhesives, glues, tar, bitumen, coatings and resins, based on e.g. polyurethane’s, polysulfides, isocyanides or epoxies. more Solvent

Nutrifoam Plus

Powerful, concentrated, fully biodegradable acetous cleaner specially developed for foaming applications. more Acid


Nutritense. Powerful, biodegradable industrial cleaner specially developed for the food processing industry more Alkaline

Raileco 105 NF D

Special foam cleaner for the cleaning of trains, trams, subways and busses. A unique formulation through the combination of surfactants, complexing agents and solvency booster. more Alkaline


Fast-acting, safe, liquid, biodegradable stripper especially effective for removing residues of (carpet) glue remains. more Solvent

Remopaint NF

Fast working, safe, biodegradable paint remover. more Solvent

Remosolv Plus

Fast-acting, safe, biodegradable paint stripper and ink remover. Can be washed easily with water, caused by added emulsifiers. more Solvent


Fast action cleaner/degreaser based on safe and easily degradable solutions for the removal of all sorts of contaminants in a chemically related environment such as adhesives, sealants, varnishes etc without the need for hazard symbols. more Solvent


High-quality industrial cleaning/degreasing agent based on extremely pure, aromatic free synthetic hydrocarbons. more Solvent

Solvega 300 D

A natural, odourless cleaning/ degreasing solvent. Based on esterified natural rapeseed oil. An environmentally safe cleaning/ degreasing agent. No labelling on this product! more Solvent


Industrial cleaning/degreasing agent based on purely organic constituents, with exceptional adhesive properties on vertical surfaces. more Solvent

Ultra Foam

Powerful, concentrated, fully biodegradable acetous cleaner specially developed for foaming applications. more Alkaline

Vartex D

A balanced mixture of solvents specifically intended for the removal of stickers and adhesives (residue) in a sustainable way. Developed for the removal of (temporarily) lettering from road signs. more Solvent

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  • Water based
  • Neutral
  • Acid
  • Alkaline
  • Desinfectant
  • Other
  • Non water based
  • Solvent
  • Overig

Solution area

  • Non hardened PUR
  • Contamination on hard surfaces
  • Absorbant
  • General purpose cleaning
  • Ash and soot deposits
  • Atmospheric deposits
  • Tire marks
  • Treatment grease trap
  • Blood stains
  • Calamity cleanup
  • Cement stains
  • Cleaning in place
  • Sailcloth
  • Disinfection
  • Parts washer
  • Protein rests
  • Flexo inks
  • Glass cleaning
  • Graffiti
  • Hand cleaning
  • Resins, plastics, latex, glues
  • Resins
  • Heavy duty cleaner
  • High pressure cleaner
  • Hotmelt removal
  • Fingerprints
  • Carbonised oils/greases
  • Ink/paint
  • Removal of scaling and rust
  • Plastics cleaner
  • Weld discolouration
  • Glue
  • Metal deposits
  • Motor-cabin and chassis
  • Nicotine deposits
  • Offset inks
  • Oils and fats
  • Descaling of water systems
  • Degreasing / cleaning
  • Pigments
  • Vegetal and animal oils and fats
  • Powdercoating
  • Shine stainless steel
  • Train, metro, tram
  • Brake cleaner
  • Rust removal
  • Smoke and soot deposits
  • Rubber sporen
  • Ruitensproeivloeistof
  • Cleaning and degreasing paintwork
  • Foam cleaning
  • Grease and oil
  • Cleaning of paint spray equipment
  • Felt-pen marks
  • Tectyl, tar, bitumen
  • Two component (epoxy) systems
  • UV inks
  • Urine flavours
  • Paint
  • Varnish
  • Verwijderen van inkten op drukvormen
  • Floor cleaning
  • Vehicle cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Screen printing
  • sticker removal

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  • Bucket 10 litres
  • Bucket 10 litres
  • Green 10 litre drum
  • Green 10 litre drum + valve cap
  • Green drum 20 litres
  • Green drum 20 litres + valve cap
  • Drum 60 litres
  • Drum 60 litres metal
  • Open head drum 60 litres
  • Drum 200 litre plastic
  • Drum 200 litres metal
  • IBC 1000 litres
  • Box 4*3 kg
  • Box containing 10*500gr
  • Box 12*1000ml bottle

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