Company profile - How and where do we work?

Eco-Point account managers mainly work on the shop floor, because that is where daily problems appear and that is the place where solutions have to be implemented.

After having first made an assessment of the problem we look for an effective solution from within the standard range of Eco-Point products. This is done in consultation with the customer and may involve working with staff from many different departments such as, managerial, technical services, health and safety, environmental etc. Demonstrations of the product are given, trials are being set up, and training is given to ensure that the product is used correctly. A date is fixed for revisiting the customer to monitor results and give any further help and advice that may be required.

In some cases it is necessary to involve our laboratory to look for custom made solutions for a particular client. This is exactly what Eco-Point excels at: an assembly point of knowledge, skills and effort.

Since its founding in 1991, Eco-Point has developed into a multinational group with activities in ten countries, via both sister companies and agencies in Belgium, Germany, UK, France, Italy, South-Korea etc.

From Halsteren, within the municipality of Bergen op Zoom, the products made by Eco-Point International B.V. are shipped to various destinations.

The region of West-Brabant (approx. 50 kilometers south from Rotterdam) offers a perfect accommodation to Eco-Point: logistically strategic in between the large ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, centrally located in the various sales markets, directly situated at the A4 that is to be build in a couple of years. Furthermore, Eco-Point has a good relationship with the municipal and regional institutions. In short: a perfect domicile.