Company profile - Our customers

Eco-Point’s market includes target companies and organisations in the following branches:

- metal industry
- food (processing) industry
- chemical industry
- building industry
- automotive industry
- not for profit area
- services industry
- printing industry

Obviously, on this internet site you will find a thorough set of information about the approach, the products and solutions that Eco-Point can offer to customers in each branch. In case you do not recognize your company or organisation in one of the branches mentioned above, you can still determine which of our products and/or specialist is able to help you to solve your problems.


Each target group is approached with industry specific products and specialized account managers. This is very demanding as the problems are very diverse and each branch has its own demands. Eco-Point aims to be your partner on the field of cleaning and maintenance. Therefore we invest in knowledge, product development and partnerships with other companies in your industry, so that we can offer you an answer to all of your questions.

All of our customers are important, but some of the bigger more well known names are: DOW, DSM, Esso, Corus Steel, Masterfoods, Nordson, Tetra Pak, Vredestein, General Electric Bayer, Kappa Smurfit Group, Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Defence etc. Our relations database now has thousands of active customers, which indicates their appreciation for the efforts and principles of Eco-Point and its employees!