Company profile - Research & Development

From design to application
One of the lab's main tasks is the constant search for innovative solutions. Rough ideas are turned into blueprints and calculations of formulas result in pilot samples on a laboratory scale.
Then testing by practical experience in the lab and in the field: refinement and re-adjustment, testing, testing, testing. The ISO 9001:2000 Quality System supported product development process leaves no coincidence.

Quality check
Other important aspect is the quality control of raw materials, finished goods and internal sales and production procedures.  Both Eco-Point International B.V., the Dutch production company, and the sales companies Eco-Point Nederland B.V. (The Netherlands), Eco-Point b.v.b.a. (Belgium) and Eco-Point GmbH (Germany) have had the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for Quality Management (audited by Kiwa N.V.) for many years. Therefore we guarantee quality to our customers, time after time.

Eco-Point has its own laboratory that supports
product development, quality checks and
technical support.

Renewable raw materials
An important principle of product development is searching for recyclable, renewable raw materials, such as oil from orange peel. Orange trees are a renewable resource, bearing fruit year after year. They can be cultivated and prevent impact on sources that can get run out.

Other examples of renewable raw material sources are corn, sugar beet, rapeseed, sunflowers, coconut, etc.

The laboratory also supports the internal training program of the sales team. Backgrounds of industrial problems are being discussed, legislation is explained, basic principles are considered and advanced training for each product group and market is given.

Technical support
When detailed investigation of cleaning and maintenance problems is required, our product managers support your branch specialized account manager on your company’s shop floor. Nowadays, less and less decisions are being made by just one person; we notice the existence of DMU’s (decision making units or centres), teams with safety advisors, end users and buyers. Eco-Point serves them with PSU’s (problem solving units): a team of professionals working together to solve the problem.