Company profile - Respect and Responsibility

The products

Eco-Point sells a broad spectrum of products for a multitude of applications: degreasers, descalers, adhesive removers, products to remove ink, rust and oxidation, paint, substitutes for dangerous solvents such as trichloroethylene, benzene, methylene chloride, toluene, products for cleaning and maintaining pipe networks, lubricants, hand soaps.

Furthermore, we want to present our unique spectrum of products for e.g. removing graffiti, stickers and posters, together with our applications for removing animal and vegetable fats and hard pollution such as urine stains, medicine film or crystallized fats and soap remnants. Again they are alternative products used for all sorts of daily cleaning, without leaving any residue such as stripes etc.

Eco-Point: care for the earth and its natural sources.

The name
Eco-Point. Eco for the ecological and economical approach. Point because our company wants to be a focus point for knowledge, skills, dedication, ideas, efforts and technology exchange.

A constant search for new applications of unusual and surprising raw materials. And the search for new raw materials and combinations of raw materials to substitute dangerous, traditional products. It is a continuous game of challenges and many efforts.

Added value
Simultaneously with buying a product from Eco Point, the customer receives a number of built-in extras such as: help and advice, support, maintenance, returnable packaging free of charge, delivery within 24 hours, removal and recycling of spent products, and co-operation with research and innovation centres.

Respect and responsibility
The philosophy, the mission statement, the products and the people; every corner stone of Eco-Point can be traced back to two words:  respect and responsibility. Two closely connected conceptions that also have great importance when viewed separately.

Chlorofyl: one of our raw materials.


Eco-Point respects:
- the customers’ wishes and needs
- man and his (natural) environment
- employees who together make the company work

However, respect without responsibility is not enough. In order to help your company, your people, our people and their environment move forward, an active attitude is required that includes: taking action and responsibility for:

- finding solutions that meet the customers’ needs;
- improving the health of man and his environment;
- letting employees function well.

Our experience says that progress can only be made when respect is combined with actual deeds. Eco-Point is willing to accept this challenge with both hands.