Company profile - The past and the future

Company profile - The past and the future

Of course, Eco-Point has had its ups and downs. One of the conflicting factors was the misguided view that existed about what was 'green', 'eco', and 'environment'.

On the other hand, these factors did offer us the opportunity to discuss our views with our customers and to prove ourselves. The decision to do things in an ecologically sound manner was made by more and more companies.

The decision was wider ranging than they realized at first, seen the fact that it also brought the benefits of: safety, comfortable working conditions, and the awareness of contributing to the environment. Eco-Point’s strategic choice to focus on 8 specific industrial markets elaborates that: our experience in the field of ecologically sound solutions is being forwarded to specific fields of activity. The solution in front, knowing that you will always have the most safe and sound solution to your problems!

Eco-Point in the spotlights
The first was in 1996: a nomination for "Best product" in West-Brabant circles (as a 'Zeeland' company). Radio and newspaper interviews followed. Then, the annual prize of the Nature en Environment Society Bergen op Zoom in 1997 and the prize for best architecture of the city of Bergen op Zoom in 1998. Recognitions that we gladly welcomed! Growth is one of Eco-Point's major goals. Commercial growth and personal growth. Growth has been a constant factor, seen e.g. the expansions in new companies: late 1992 Eco-Point UK; 1996 Eco-Point France; 1997 Eco-Point Belgium. In the 1999-2003 years the company grew rapidly, had expansion of business and made important steps in professional levels. Multiple ISO 9001:2000 certificates were obtained and both supporting staff and sales force were expanded. The last major step in the history of Eco-Point so far was the opening of a new 100% Eco-Point company in Kleve, Germany in 2004. 2005 was the year in which Eco-Point had much free publicity in papers, magazines, on television and on the radio, that were highly interested in the innovative character of the company and its products. Growth from the first agent to a still growing international group of companies

From its current position in the market Eco-Point has great confidence in the future. Its basis is sound, motivation enormous and the conditions are right.
Eco-Point is convinced to have found a way to provide the future with an image: positive, safer, cleaner. Acting from and with respect and responsibility.

Growth targets
Eco-Point wants to grow further. Grow with a broadly based market penetration in the EC. Grow in export markets, where we already have a position: UK, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, France, The Middle-East. Expand into new markets. Professionalize its marketing approach to next levels.
It takes time to do all these things, but most of all it needs effort. The human factor makes it interesting and exciting.

Markets and divisions
Eco-Point recently made one of the biggest steps in its 15-year history: structuring the business in separate internationally organised business units, that each service our customers in the 8 branches that you have found in this website.