Company profile - What do we do?

Eco-Point is an innovative group of companies engaged in the development, production and marketing cleaning and maintenance products. We are unique in our use of raw materials: safe, ecologically sound alternatives for traditional environmentally damaging materials.

Product development
Our own, modern equipped laboratory is a centre for innovation: always searching for new applications for safe raw materials, new processing methods for products developed in the past, and in consultation with customers and research centres, looking for the ideal combination of technology and ecology.

The front side of our headquarters in Halsteren (The Netherlands).
De front has been made of durable red cedar wood,
that does not need to be painted every couple of years.
Production and distribution
Production is a process of mixing and blending our raw materials in accordance with our specifically designed recipes. After blending we fill and pack in many different sizes and forms of packaging.
The formulations must be blended with utmost precision to meet the high quality standards we want to deliver to our customers. Several raw materials are stored in underground tanks from where they are pumped and dispensed by high precision dosing pumps into three large mixing tanks. The process of weighing, mixing, colouring and thickening then starts. Our modern production platform has a capacity of 10,000 to 15,000 litres per day.

An interior view of the building, in which durable
and/ or recyclable materials are often used.

Marketing and sales
Last but not least our sales and marketing strategy: Eco-Points’ personal and active sales and marketing approach results in meeting our customers directly on the shop floor. This is where our products are demonstrated; where the problem is. Our account managers have specialized themselves in one of the 8 industrial branches where Eco-Point wants to have a market position: food (processing) industry, printing industry, metal industry, chemical industry, automotive, building industry, services industry and the not for profit area. Our challenge is to provide you an answer to all your cleaning and maintenance questions, delivered to you by just one contact person. In case we can not provide that solution ourselves, we offer you strategic partner companies who can. In the branches mentioned above, we daily solve hundreds of problems in a safe and ecologically sound manner.