Company profile - Why do we do what we do?

The Philosophy
Founded in 1991 a philosophy was formulated, that still forms the basis of our conduct of business:
"Ever since we can remember there has been a conflict between ‘traditional' cleaning and maintenance products on one hand, and the safety of man and his environment on the other. Eco-Point is a pioneer in the field of cleaning, maintenance and lubrication technology with a mission of neutralizing or minimizing this conflict.

Eco-Point supplies its products in characteristic green cans.

This results in the implementation of safer, less environment damaging systems in order to improve our customers’ quality without the effect of increased operational costs. A documented, optimal and safe approach of the problems. In the field of safe, ecological innovations Eco-Point has made its own, spectacular inventions and has applied them to its products. These products are characterized by the fact that no concessions have been made to their effectiveness, but at the same time they have the previously unknown properties of being safe for man, the environment and materials. Who will blame us for our wish to walk in front? Eco-Point likes being challenged; only then we can show what we stand for and the knowledge we possess".

The success of Eco-Point as a company, ever since its founding in 1991, is based on this philosophy. It still forms an essential principle for our activities.