Biosol Plus Green

Industrial cleanser, based on a purely natural solvent and fully biodegradable.

General description

Biosol Plus Green is a unique product of mother nature. Its natural character makes Biosol Plus Green an ideal user friendly and ecologically safe product. Biosol Plus Green is completely aromatic free and fully biodegradable. Biosol Plus Green emulsifies with water. Biosol Plus Green has been specially developed for the removal of pigments and dyes that are used in the polymer industry.


  • Mixing vessels and blenders used in polymer production become polluted with dye and pigment residues.
  • Cleaning the vessels is a time-consuming and labour-intensive job.
  • Changing over from one colour to another needs cleaning and thus causes production down time.
  • Production losses occur if the mixing vessels are not cleaned well.
  • Often larger lots of a particular colour are produced to minimise changing over down time. This causes extra stock holding with high costs in consequence!
  • The cleaning of the vessels is often done by highly educated staff.
    a. cleaning = high labour costs
    b. cleaning = production down time
    c. motivating the staff for this unpleasant job is difficult

The solution

Biosol Plus Green is the answer to all the problems mentioned above.

  • the time-consuming polishing, planning, grating with granulate and cleaning with high pressure belongs to the past: Biosol Plus Green provides an alternative for these traditional, labour-intensive methods.
  • Changing over time are reduced to minimum: practically no production down time.
  • Biosol Plus Green gives such excellent cleaning results that production losses are being prevented.
  • Flexibility increases by reducing changing over times to minimum and there is also less need for high stock volumes.
  • Now highly educated staff is only little time occupied with cleaning.
  • Now highly educated staff can concentrate themselves for their actual
  • job.
  • Cleaning by using Biosol Plus Green gives such results that the job becomes a pleasant experience.

Special advantages

  • Biosol Plus Green is aromatic free
  • Biosol Plus Green is pleasant and safe to work with
  • Biosol Plus Green is a natural product
  • Biosol Plus Green is biodegradable
  • Biosol Plus Green does not contain any chlorinated hydrocarbons, such as methylene chloride, 1.1.1., trichloroet¬hane etc.
  • Biosol Plus Green has an excellent cleaning performance
  • Biosol Plus Green is friendly for man and materials; the product can be safely used on all metals
  • Biosol Plus Green is water emulsifiable

The application

  • colour mixers
  • tools polluted with dyes
  • floors and walls polluted with dyes
  • in short: almost anything that is polluted with dyes


Do not spray in a naked flame and keep away from ignition sources.

Working method

Biosol Plus Green should always be used purely. Biosol Plus Green can be used by spraying or by immersion.

  • Spraying: Spray Biosol Plus Green directly onto the object that is to be cleaned. Leave to penetrate for some time. After that, wipe off using a cloth, brush or spray off with water under high pressure.
  • Immersion: Immerse the object in Biosol Plus Green. Leave to penetrate for some
    time. Take out and let the object drip; then rinse with water.


Eco-Point International products are packed in polyethylene H.D. or metal drums. When repeat orders are being delivered, used drums which are empty and not polluted are collected free of charge for recycling or reconditioning purposes. When incinerated, polyethylene has no harmful effect on the environment.

Eco-Point sprayers are made of PE or PET: light weight, little raw material per bottle, low production energy consumption, virtually unbreakable and therefore long life, little waste during production and recycling, no harmful substances when incinerated, 100% recyclable.

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