Ecosan EL

A powerful, biodegradable and ecologically safe sanitary cleaner. Improved in odour and colour! Certified for Ecolabel!

General description

Ecosan EL is a powerful cleaning product for cleaning toilets, urinals, sinks, tiles, bathtubs, shower cabins etc. Ecosan EL is safe to use. Due to its viscous character, Ecosan EL will stick to surfaces which prolongs penetration time. Ecosan EL also has a good descaling ability and residual of a fresh odour.


  • scale from flush- and washwater attaches on enamel, tiles, glass and ceramic materials
  • the soil of scale and iron is hard to dissolve
  • this soil permanently causes bacteria growth, since the surface is rough and moisturous
  • conventional sanitary cleaners are based on aggressive acids, that will harm both humans and materials when used on a regular basis

The solution

Ecosan EL is a revolutionary product that fits perfectly in the new era of environmental awareness. Ecosan EL is formulated from organic acids, produced by nature itself. As a result, Ecosan EL is biodegradable and can be safely used. Ecosan EL is provided with the EU Ecolabel certification.

Special advantages

  • Ecosan EL can be used safely
  • Ecosan EL is provided with the EU Ecolabel certification; NL/20/039
  • Ecosan EL is a concentrated product and therefore economical in use
  • Ecosan EL is viscous and sticks to the surface
  • Ecosan EL is formulated from pure naturally occurring ingredients
  • Ecosan EL is easily biodegradable
  • Ecosan EL is quick and easy in use
  • Ecosan EL is water dilutable
  • Ecosan EL leaves a pleasantly fresh odour and a bright shine

The application

Ecosan EL is specially developed to clean:

  • toilets
  • urinals
  • tiles in sanitary rooms
  • floors in sanitary rooms
  • bathtubs
  • joints in sanitary rooms
  • sinks and fountains


Always rinse with clean water or wipe off with a wet sponge after using Ecosan EL.

Working method

The natural acids have excellent descaling properties. Its viscous character allows Ecosan EL to stick to vertical surfaces, which improves cleaning time . The detergents in Ecosan EL leave a bright shin.
When cleaning toilets and urinals: put 30 ml on the inner side of the pot and let Ecosan EL act upon for app. 30 minutes. Brush lightly and flush after.
For removing dirt, scale and soap rests from tiles and joints: dilute Ecosan with water 1:4. Brush softly and rinse with water.


Eco-Point International products are packed in polyethylene H.D. or metal drums. When repeat orders are being delivered, used drums which are empty and not polluted are collected free of charge for recycling or reconditioning purposes. When incinerated, polyethylene has no harmful effect on the environment.

Eco-Point sprayers are made of PE or PET: light weight, little raw material per bottle, low production energy consumption, virtually unbreakable and therefore long life, little waste during production and recycling, no harmful substances when incinerated, 100% recyclable.

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